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Stringing Together some Common Curiosities

Carpets are made according to the order so we do not keep a ready stock. You may choose a carpet from our Gallery or send your own design.

There are a range of designs available in the Gallery that you can choose from. Bunkar also focuses on creating customised carpets according to your favoured style and design. We also have skilled designers who can help you design your carpet.

Bunkar provides a wide range of high quality hand-knotted, hand-tufted, machine-tufted and flat weave carpets. These are available in various material and styles such as Modern, Transitional and Traditional styles.

Yes, all the images of Bunkar carpets are in true colours. However there may slight variations depending on your device's screen resolution.

You may fill the enquiry form or contact us to discuss your specific needs. Bunkar's experts will suggest the material and production method that will best suit you.

Yes, all of Bunkar's products are made according to order so you can decide the size and shape of your carpets.

The production time depends on the method used in making the carpet. Hand-knotted carpets take 90 to 120 days depending on the type of design while hand-tufted and flat-woven are ready within 30-45 days. Machine tufted carpets are the fastest, taking only 15 days to create.

Hand-knotted carpets come with a very long life and are even used for more than a generation, depending on proper use. Hand-tufted carpets remain in good shape for 5-7 years if maintained well.

Yes, our products can be shipped across the nation.

The ready carpets will be delivered between 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of the order.

Damage during transit is the company’s responsibility. In such a situation, a new carpet will be made and delivered to you.

  1. Yes. Hand-knotted, patchwork and Tibetan style carpets come with a warranty of 36 months while hand-tufted, machine-tufted, handloom, flat-woven, hand-woven carpets and shags contain 3 months of warranty.

  2. However, there are some defects which are outside product warranty entitlement. These include the following:

    • Shedding (This can be reduced by vacuuming the rug on low power mode at least once a week)
    • Occasional sprouting pulls or loss of single tufts of fibre
    • Colour and texture changes due to the use of natural fibres and dyes or prolonged exposure to sunlight, humidity , heat or certain atmospheric gases
    • Rolling marks (These can disappear with routine vacuuming)
    • Matting and crushing in rugs, which can be minimized by proper maintenance of the rug
    • Rugs recently removed from a bag may have odour which can dissipate by placing the rug (back side up) in direct sunlight for 24 hours.

Yes, the carpets can be exchanged only in case of manufacturing defects.

Hand-knotted carpets are washable but it is recommended to do so via a professional washer. The rest need to be dry-cleaned. You can go through our Maintenance guidelines for more details.

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