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Our Story

Bunkar brings in exquisite, customised carpets to urban India. The founders hail from a family with a well-established carpet export business. Through this experience we have evolved a strong bond of trust with skilled local artisans, customers and the handlooms that connect these two.

We focus on expanding our textiles across India, bridging the distance between rich local talent and exquisite urban taste in flooring.

Why Bunkar

At Bunkar, we strongly believe in the power of ideas and Indian artistry. But we see that rural talent often remains unrecognised or inaccessible to the rest of the nation. Our products are crafted by artisans from the Bhadohi and Mirzapur districts with immeasurable talent, under the mentorship of our qualified team. Over the past few decades, we have formed great alliances with them, while creating a trustworthy product for our customers.

Bunkar ensures regular quality checks and shorter lead times while our wide experience helps us understand the requirement of every customer. A carpet has the power to add perspective and uplift the space around it and at Bunkar, customisation is key. We are not only weaving the carpet of your dreams, we are stringing together bonds of trust and a shared love for design.

Shalini Gothi


Belonging to a business family, Shalini witnessed the workings of the trade since a young age. She worked as a consultant for a short period of time before joining her husband’s business, Shree Capital Services, as a partner.
An innately creative person, Shalini enjoys making caricatures and playing sports or watching animated movies with her son. Shalini’s love for textiles added with her business experience drew her to Bunkar. She is dedicated to bringing the colours of the north to the rest of the country through the beauty of kaleens.

Prerna Shah


An explorer at heart, Prerna loves to travel and engage in new activities. She has a vast array of professional experience, ranging from being an associate for software technology sales to working in the animation and design industries. As a hobby, she also freelances for sofa and interior design projects.
Prerna has her roots in a family with a textile business. This background brings her closer to Bunkar and its purpose of keeping alive the traditional art of carpet making.


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